Do you want to know how to remove skin tags at home? Skin tags though common in many people, can still be a cause of some embarrassment and even some irritation. Acrochordon, to give them their proper name, typically appear on the body as a small growth connected by a small stalk of connective tissue. These are normally the colour of surrounding skin, but can also be a darker colour. Skin tags can cause itching and irritation, especially if the skin tag is in a place where it is likely to rub against another part of the body or against clothes. In these circumstances, the friction from rubbing against clothes or another part of the body causes the skin to become irritated and itchy. Skin tags are certainly not dangerous, but they can be quite ugly.

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The actual cause of skin tags is still not known. There are a number of theories and factors that may contribute to developing skin tags such as overactive hormones during pregnancy. This could be the reason why skin tags often appear during or after pregnancy. Insulin rejection is another theory, so is being overweight or it possibility being a genetic trait. Skin tags can appear at any age, they generally appear as we get older.

Skin tags can appear on most parts the body but the more common areas are under the armpits, on the face, on the eyelids, the neck, the groin and the chest. They usually range between 1.5mm and 5mm in diameter. They can also vary in shape and size and they either protrude from your skin or are they attached to your skin by a peduncle, which is a thin piece of skin.

How to remove skin tags at home?

Finding out how to remove skin tag growths at home has become possible for many, as there are a lot of home remedy options now available. Choosing a home remedy means that you are able to perform treatment in the comfort of your own home. These remedies are often also far more affordable, less painful and less invasive. I will outline a few remedies for skin tags that are natural in nature:

  • A home remedy for skin tags that is very effective is to pain the tag a couple of times a day with vinegar. The acidic effect of the vinegar will wear away the tag over time. Never use this remedy around the eyes.
  • As fresh potato is known to be a great skin healer, you can stick a piece of potato with Band-Aid on the tag covering it or bind it with a bandage. The colour of the tag will darken and will become black and eventually the tag will fall off.
  • Vitamin E is one great ingredient that can be used by you on a regular basis. Apply vitamin E oil on the affected areas on a regular basis and get a clear, scar free skin.
  • Oregon Oil is known to prevent infections of the skin especially the skin tags. You just need to get the oil and apply it directly to the tag using a cotton ball or floss. This should be done repeatedly every night before you sleep until the tag is completely dry.
  • Aloe Vera gel can be used to remove the tags. Soak a cotton ball in aloe gel, after soaking for a minute, tape the cotton ball to the tag, leave the cotton ball in place and add aloe gel after hours. Leave it for days but keep changing it.
  • Tea tree oil is another great ingredient that can surely help you to get rid of the tags. The oil is manufactured from Malaleuca Alternifolia tree and you can easily purchase it from the market. Before applying the oil on the affected area you must wash the skin with soap. Using this ingredient on a regular basis would remove the tag completely.


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The natural sensitivity or composition of your skin determines the time for the skin tags to be removed from you skin. Certain ingredients work faster for some people but may take longer with some body else. Care should be taken if they are near to the eyes. For having skin tags removed from any other part of the body, any of the treatments is fine. In case they reappear, you may use the same method as earlier or may be you get inclined to try a different method this time.

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